Center for Working Women, Vashi

1 acre plot with accommodation for 150, kitchen and dining, vocational training, child- care, Library etc ● Year 1986 ● Built up Area 3160 Sqm

In mid 1980s women in India were beginning to be empowered to join the general work force in ever larger numbers. This often meant that young single women had to move from small towns and even villages to major cities. There were hardly any facilities in big “bad” cities to provide safe housing and community space for these young women, often from very traditional backgrounds, where single women leaving home to live alone in cities were considered unacceptable. Dr. Sudha Padhye, a most remarkable person, the founding president of Indian Women Scientist Association, realized the lack of urban facilities for single working women as one of the most serious impediments in them realizing their full potential and all that meant for society at large. IWSA conceived a facility that provides safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation, food service, vocational training, day care facilities, health counseling, cultural activities etc. It has turned out to be a most valuable urban and social asset and continues to be a vibrant center for the empowerment of women.

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