College of Nursing,CMC, Chittoor.

Institute Blocks in the Academic zone ●In progress ● Built up Area 6158 Sqm

The future plans of Christian Medical College, Vellore, a client of ours for more than two decades, includes developing a large integrated Healthcare Services and Education Campus in Chittoor, in the adjacent state of AP. As part of this strategy, we were invited to participate in an invited competition to propose a sub-master plan and architectural scheme for the Academic and Student Housing Zones. We were awarded the commission for the first phase of development in this zone on the strength of our design response, which at the master plan level focused on enabling flexibilities for each phase to be developed to required functionality, size, scope and configuration and dispositions of building blocks and alignments of internal circulation ( pedestrian) that would tie all the disparate parts into a seamless , coherent campus environment .

College of Nursing; Institute : The principal challenge in devising the architectural parti was to facilitate seamless future expansion that retains the integrity of the original architectural expression, circulation and functional relationships when annual student in-take is doubled and or when future courses are added. In this very hot climate another important but obvious design determinant was to limit exposure to east and west..

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