Community Health and Development(CHAD), CMC, Bagayam

Insertion of new OPD Block and extensive additions and re-purposing of diagnostic and treatment facilities. ●Year 2006 ● Built up Area 2350 Sqm

Some time in the 1950s CMC established at Bagayam in the outskirts Vellore which at that time was a small town in Tamil Nadu, a community health facility to serve the vast rural hinterland. Over the next few decades, the town grew into a city and Bagayam into its suburb and CHAD had to grow and change, often haphazardly to cope with the sheer demand of rural- urban migration. By mid 2000, as it had become difficult to cope with the demand, CMC decided to construct a new OPD and extensively renovate and expand the Inpatient facilities. Our design response was to devise a Hospital plan and building type that was appropriate for a semi urban and rural community that could seamlessly integrate into existing and renovated facilities while accommodating continuing growth in demand for its services.

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