Integrated Health Center, Karigiri

Multi disciplinary medical diagnostic and treatment facilities. ●Year 2002 ● Built up Area 1115 Sqm

The background of this project is somewhat the opposite of the story of CHAD.Schieffelin Institute of Health Research & Training Centre, (SLRTC, Karigiri) was established in the 50s as a Leprosy Hospital. As was the norm for these type of facilities, this 150 bed Hospital was located in a remote location quite far from the main roads. Though this Institute did some very pioneering work in this field, its very success in helping to almost eradicate Leprosy caused it be somewhat marginalized as provider of general health care services. As part of an overall strategy to revive and re-purpose the SLRTC, the Integrated Health Center comprising of OPD polyclinics, diagnostic services, public health education in HIV etc was set up close to the main road as a facility readily accessible to the suburban community of Katpadi, and through which to draw patients to the main hospital.Probably due to shifting priorities of the administration of the parent organization, the full potential of this facility is still not realized

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