Private Ward Block, CMC, Vellore

Hospital- 280 Beds, Bone Marrow transplant Unit, ICUs. Diagnostic and Support Services ●Year 2006 ● Built up Area 13,950 Sqm

Since the year of its founding in1900, CMC has become one of the pre-eminent Hospitals and Medical Colleges in India and is highly regarded for its ethical and socially conscious health care delivery models. Central to this is the concept of cross–subsidy wherein the tariff applicable to so called “private patients” underwrites part of the cost incurred by general patients. The bind however was that by mid-2000 there just weren’t enough beds in Private Wards to support the burgeoning numbers of general patients - hence the decision to construct the Private Ward Block. By 2006 or so the CMC Campus was maxed out with no available space for another building. It was then decided to remove an existing building and develop the proposed private ward block as an ‘in fill block”. The design challenges were daunting, ranging from providing as many patient beds, support services and other facilities as possible consistent with local regulations , integrating the building into existing service infrastructure without disturbing them even for day and still achieve an efficient, attractive and positive environment within a budget for a project meant for the ‘middle class”. Our design solution achieved all that and the Private Ward Block is now much in demand and central to CMC’s service model. We are privileged to have contributed to CMC’s service to society.

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