SNN Raj Serenity, Bengaluru

Residential Project with 1945 apartments ●Year 2010… 17 ● Built up Area 3,33,940 Sqm

The 26 acre plot for this project presented its own challenges of planning due to the multiple jurisdictions over the land which created difficulties in integration of the whole. A small natural water body was at the boundary of the 2 separate jurisdictional plots. This was expanded and created as an activity zone & open space between the phases of development. Phase I was conceived as affordable housing and has apartments from 950sft to 1600sft. All the 5 clusters are only 13 floor high with only one cluster having a basement. A multi-level car-parking structure was located adjacent the Sewage Treatment Plant, the roof of which accommodates 2 tennis courts. A 3-level club house sits on top of the car-park structure. Judicious alignment of the 5 clusters resulted in comfortable open spaces between blocks which are used by residents as children & senior citizen areas. Phase II consists of 7 interlinked blocks on a 3-level parking structure with a separate clubhouse and swimming pool at the podium level. The apartments range from 3 to 4 bedroom with area of 1800 sft and above. Combined built-up areas for phase I & II added to 3,33,940 Sqm with 1945 apartments.

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