V.K. Amma Memorial Hospital, Shornur, Kerala.

80 Bed Secondary Care Rural Hospital with corresponding treatment, diagnostic and Support Services. ●Year 1980… 85 ● Built up Area 560 Sqm

Presently called Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neuroscience..This hospital was Founded by Mr. Kutty, a truly admirable individual, who, driven by passion for public service, invested all his earnings from business ventures in the Middle East to benefit the local community and region he came from. At the time of its inception, the location of the 80 odd bed secondary care facility was a very rural one and faced daunting challenges of financial and human resource to meet the founder’s vision of public service. Since the demise of the founder, the land and buildings have been bequeathed to the Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neuroscience (ICCONS), a semi government organization which has expanded the facilities significantly on their own (without our direct involvement). It is now a growing center in its field of speciality.

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